Students Show Off Scientific Expertise at Annual Science Fair

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Seventh- and eighth-graders at East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School participated in the school’s annual Science Fair on Jan. 11. 

Each middle school student was required to research a topic and use the scientific method to test a hypothesis. Students then presented their projects in class. Finalists were selected and given the chance to present to a panel of science teachers. First-, second- and third-place winners in four different categories were then chosen. Every project was on display at the fair for all community members to see.  

Seventh-grader Clare Acuti was named this year’s winner of the prestigious James Spelman Memorial Award for exemplary demonstration of the scientific method. Congratulations to the following winning students:

Seventh-Grade Life Science
Clare Acuti (first-place)
Patrick McLaughlin (second-place)
Louis DeSano (third-place)

Seventh-Grade Physical Science
Shane Lonergan (first-place)
Luke Arciere (second-place)
Mackenzie Sackaris (third-place)

Eighth-Grade Physical Science
Matthew Lacey (first-place)
Katy Howard (second-place)
Felicia Oosterwijk (third-place)

Eighth-Grade Living Environment Accelerated
Sofia Valdebenito (first-place)
Emily McLaughlin (second-place)
Maddy Prucha (third-place)