Community Gathers for Safety Forum

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The district hosted a safety forum on April 12 to provide an update on security enhancements, and to review essential safety items and future plans. 

  A key aspect of the district’s school safety plan is an ongoing districtwide safety committee, which establishes and maintains a plan annually that is shared with the New York State Education Department and local and state police. It includes individual building safety committees, liaisons in each school and a dozen evacuation drills held throughout the year. This safety plan is constantly reviewed and altered as needed. 

Current safety measures were also discussed, such as the close working relationship between the district and members of the Fourth Precinct. Emergency response measures include a panic button at each building, which remotely locks down the building and alerts police. In addition, the district has implemented strict front door procedures at each school building, as well as exterior and interior cameras. They are also looking at increased safety measures.

Superintendent of Schools Lisa Ruiz expressed her gratitude to all those who participated in the panel discussion at the safety forum, including district administrators, New York State Assemblyman Brian Curran, New York State Sen. Todd Kaminsky, New York State Assemblywoman Melissa Miller, Village of East Rockaway Mayor Bruno Romano, Board of Education trustee Neil Schloth, Sergeant Sollins and police officers Alex Anastasiades and John Zanni from the Fourth Precinct, and Joseph Grubman from Intralogic Solutions. 

For more information on the safety forum, please click here: (English Version) (Spanish Version).