Senior Voter Registration Day

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East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School held its first-ever Senior Voter Registration Day on April 16.

Social Studies, Foreign Language, and English as a New Language Chairperson April Francis explained to students that the meeting was orchestrated to help students understand why their voices matter.  

New York State Sen. Todd Kaminsky, along with Ms. Ricki Casta, Mr. Kevin Clemency and Mr. Anthony Santino from the Nassau County Board of Elections, were on hand to discuss the importance of voting and assisted students with the registration process. Sen. Kaminsky explained to students that by registering to vote they would be able to participate in the September primaries. He also discussed the importance of the absentee ballot if they planned on attending an out-of-state college. Mr. Santino reiterated the importance of voting and encouraged students to read about the issues and get familiarized with the platforms of those running for office. 

After the discussion, students filled out voter registration forms. The representatives from the Board of Elections also brought with them a voting machine to demonstrate and familiarize the students with the actual process of entering their ballot into the machine. Students voted for their favorite type of pizza.