Rhame Avenue Students Show Off Their Entrepreneurial Skills

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Fifth-graders at Rhame Avenue School demonstrated their ingenuity when they created products from recycled materials to sell as part of the school’s annual Entrepreneur’s Day.

The event began with parents and visitors in attendance receiving play money to spend on the students’ creations. It continued with the fifth-graders singing the song “Currency” before they took their places at their “sale booths,” selling origami bookmarks, piggy banks, pencil holders, decorative booties, an original comic book and more, to visitors. 

Before the event, the students created business plans, advertisements, jingles and logos to promote their products. All of the information was uploaded to a Google site, which was accessible via a QR code on their business cards. 

According to teachers Lori Devarso and Ashley Donovan, the event was a culminating activity to the students’ study of economics. Classes have been learning about concepts such as supply and demand, goods and services, and profit. They said students did a wonderful job and expressed their gratitude to computer teacher Petra Schoen for helping students include technology in this year’s event.