East Rockaway Students Attend PEAK Festival

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A select group of fourth-grade students from Rhame Avenue and Centre Avenue schools attended the Parents, Educators and Kids festival sponsored by the Nassau Music Educators Association.

The festival was a day filled with music workshops for students, parents and teachers. The elementary students attended three activities presented by an experienced music educator, including a recorder session that culminated in a performance of two rock songs with recorded instrumental accompaniment; and a session which featured an aboriginal song about the harvest and community cooperation that was presented with Australian rhythm sticks in double circle choreography. Both parents and students were placed in circles, with the parent’s circle surrounding the students. The session concluded with the students on stage and the parents in the audience, performing the rhythm sticks together.

 In addition, the youngsters attended an a cappella workshop where they improvised vocal and rhythmic phrases that were looped together to form an original sound piece. Students playing boom whackers performed familiar American folk songs and a 250-voice chorus ended the program with a moving song about peace, equality and justice.