East Rockaway Celebrates 82nd Annual Rock Rivalry

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East Rockaway students delivered outstanding performances when they took the stage for the 82nd annual Rock Rivalry.

The evening began with the outstanding freshmen entrance, “Big Apple Bites Back.” Set in New York City, the entrance tells the story of Lily Gray and her arrival to New York and the theater industry. The sophomores followed with “An Argh Rated Production,” the story of Captain Scarlet, a world-famous plunderer. Up next was the junior class’ “Cruisin’ Past the Present,” which took cruise passengers back in time through the Bermuda Triangle. The senior class’ “The Dual to Rule” closed out the show with a performance set in Japan’s Edo period, and described how a brother and sister try to save the life of their father Emperor Kyoto. 

Students earned points for various components of their entrances and sportsmanship. In addition to competing in a quiz bowl, sports night, and boys and girls volleyball games, they also created murals and stands as part of the interdisciplinary competition. The seniors were victorious, earning the coveted silver cup. Congratulations!