Schools Illuminate Peace

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It was a peaceful day in the district on Sept. 21, as students and staff of Rhame Avenue and Centre Avenue schools participated in celebrating International Day of Peace. The holiday was created by the United Nations in 1981 to encourage people around the globe to work towards a more peaceful world.

At Rhame, the school’s PTA provided each student with the tools needed to create a pinwheel. When the students completed crafting their pinwheel, they collaborated in planting them in the ground in the shape of a peace sign to create a whirlwind of peace.

Students at Centre also exhibited their artistic talents in celebration of the day. Teachers took students outside throughout the day to create artwork displaying peace using sidewalk chalk. The school called the activity Chalk4Peace. Students and staff also showed their spirit by wearing white. In addition, lessons were focused around the topics of character education, and all classes created a Peace Pledge that will be displayed in classrooms.