Scribble-Bot Fun at Centre Avenue

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As part of their final STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts and math) module for the school year, Centre Avenue students took part in a Makerspace activity.

Students brought in containers that they would typically recycle and turned them into scribbling robots, or scribble-bots. The activity required them to employ the engineering design process and according to STEAM teacher Michelle Healy, the results were fantastic.

“Each student had to plan their design and choose their container,” Healy said. “They then needed to create an electric circuit using a hobby motor, wires and an AA battery. After mounting the electric circuit to their container, they attached markers and began to experiment with different variables that would impact the design the scribble-bot would produce.”

 The testing, redesigning and experimenting parts of the process were enjoyable for students. They were highly engaged and had fun in the process. Students were able to use a variety of items to embellish their scribble-bots before taking them home to share with their families.