High School Peer Educators Inform Youngsters

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Twenty-five East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School student Peer AIDS Educators visited Rhame Avenue and Centre Avenue Elementary Schools on May 23 and May 25 to present to the fifth- and sixth-grade students on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention. 

The Peer AIDS Educators Program is a joint effort between the district, North Shore University Hospital’s Center for AIDS Research and Treatment, and the Department of Professional and Public Health Education. 

High school students from participating districts are selected to attend an intensive HIV/AIDS Education training program at North Shore University Hospital, preparing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to educate their peers on this topic. Upon completion of the training, students are involved in planning and implementing HIV/AIDS presentations and classroom activities as part of the district’s fifth- and sixth-grade health curriculum. The ERHS Peer AIDS Educators Program is facilitated by social worker Kristen Mednick, in collaboration with the district’s Health and Physical Education Department led by David Barth.