Freshmen Work With Rhame Avenue Youngsters

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On June 11, Ms. Melinda Best and Mr. Robert Kennedy’s ninth-grade ELA class visited Ms. Rachele Banducci’s class at Rhame Avenue. 

The ninth-graders began the program by reading the children’s books they created for the younger students and discussed the process of developing a central idea that teaches a lesson to a reader. During this time, the younger students had opportunities to ask questions and give feedback on the books. 

The second part of the program focused on student-led workshops in which the younger students developed their own short stories that focused on the development of a central idea, with support from their ninth-grade counterparts. Overall, the day was a success that everyone enjoyed. The students demonstrated both knowledge and confidence. We would like to thank Mr. Lederer, Mr. Taylor, Ms. Terranova and Mr. Walter for their support in this project. We also want to thank Ms. Banducci, whose class was engaging, thoughtful and fun to work with!