Flexible Seating Enhances Learning at Rhame Avenue

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Fourth-graders at Rhame Avenue are enjoying new seating arrangements thanks to a “flexible seating” initiative started by their teacher Sarah Kane.

Mrs. Kane has given students the option to choose where they want to sit throughout the day based on the task they are engaging in. Some of the benefits include an increase in the number of calories burned, increased metabolism, increased motivation and engagement, and improved core strength and posture. Flexible seating is also linked to higher academic performance, better health and improved behavior.

“I have found that there is great power in student choice and that all students have different needs that need to be met,” Mrs. Kane said. “As adults we make choices every day about where we sit and where we work best – why not allow our children to do the same?” 

Mrs. Kane also provides traditional seating options for students, and says she found that the majority of her students have reaped benefits from the additional seating options.