Kindergartner Word Search Relay at Centre Avenue

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Centre Avenue kindergartners in Linda Grace’s class recently took part in a Word Search Relay, under the direction of physical education teacher Wayne Smyle.

As part of the activity, the class was broken into three teams, which were comprised of a writer, a card collector and relay people. The students were provided with index cards that represented three alphabets, with each card having its own letter. The cards were then placed inside a red circle for the relay students to retrieve and bring back to their groups. Once all of the cards were retrieved, each group would try to figure out two- and three-letter sight words and place them on the word search sheet provided. 

According to Mr. Smyle, the focus of the lesson was to have the students work on their cardiovascular fitness while fostering their English language arts skills. It also reinforced brainstorming and working collaboratively as a team. The students had a great time!