Seniors Conquer 83rd Annual Rock Rivalry

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The senior class of the East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School were the reigning champions of the coveted silver cup for the district’s 83rd annual Rock Rivalry. The night was alive with singing, dancing and comedy, as each class battled for the best performance.

The freshman class took the audience to Nashville, Texas, with their “Winner Takes it Y’all” theme, which told a story about following one’s dreams. After that, the sophomore class performed balance of power between Greek gods in their “Zeus on the Loose” theme. For their “A Liege of Their Own” theme, the junior class battled for the greater good in the “United Realms.” The senior class wrapped up the night where they fought crime in France with their “Mastermimes” theme.  

Students earned points for various components, including their entrances and sportsmanship. Leading up to the big night, students also participated in quiz bowl, sports night, and boys and girls volleyball games. They also created murals and stands as part of the interdisciplinary competition. 

The district congratulates the seniors for conquering the cup!