Centre Students Examine Black History

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Centre Avenue students learned about Civil Rights and the contributions of famous black Americans as part of the school’s Black History Month celebration.

Fifth-graders in ToniAnn Donald’s class read about the Civil Rights Movement and were given specific dates in history to research by their teacher. Based on their findings, they then created digital newspaper articles, which highlighted their research. Some of the influential persons studied included Ruby Bridges and Rosa Parks. According to Mrs. Donald, the class had an in-depth discussion about the changes that occurred as a result of the Civil Rights Movement and made connections to present day.  

Meanwhile, Dr. Christian Soto’s sixth-grade class conducted a Black History Month Scoot, which tasked them with reading excerpts about famous black Americans, such as Thurgood Marshall, Barack Obama, Michael Jackson and Harriet Tubman. The students then worked in teams to identify the famous people and classify them into one of the following categories: activist, inventor, politician, athlete or musician. Once they were finished, they created a Thinking Map to convey what they had learned.