Successful Science Experiments

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Seventh and eighth graders of the Junior-Senior High School were recently awarded for their efforts in the Long Island Science Congress Junior Division at St. Anthony’s High School.

Students conducted and completed an independent experiment for the science fair and then recorded their work on a poster board. Throughout the day, they presented their projects and posters to several judges, who evaluated the quality of their research.

Students listed below were awarded the following ribbons for their efforts:
Clare Acute - Achievement Award
Louis DeSano - Achievement Award
Selin Idik - Honorable Mention
Victoria Jandzinski - Honorable Mention
John O'Hanlon - Honorable Mention
Michael Mahoney - Honorable Mention
Angelo Parisi - Honorable Mention
Frank Passanisi - Achievement Award
Julia Passanisi - Achievement Award
Zara Soofizada - Honorable Mention
Emma Van Wickler - Achievement Award
Jacob Vardaro - Meritorious Award