BOE Recognizes Poetry Madness Finalists

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The East Rockaway Board of Education and administration were honored to recognize the efforts of East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School student finalists of the schoolwide Poetry Madness Contest at the recent board meeting.

With this year’s theme “empowerment,” students crafted inspirational poems that were timely and evoked powerful messages. The final selected poems included senior Jiggy Kelly’s “Rise to the Occasion,” junior Farha Khan’s “I Am Farha Khan,” senior Osmin Mayorga’s “Image,” and junior Gabe Padiernos’ “Therein Lies the Rub.” Each student had the wonderful opportunity to read their inspirational poems out loud during the meeting.

Superintendent of School’s Lisa Ruiz said this year’s Poetry Madness Contest was “incredibly moving.”

“It was very emotional for all of us to sit and listen to these students bare their souls in this medium,” she said. “It also speaks to the power and skill of our teachers to be able to extract all of this from our students.”

The district congratulates the finalists and all students who participated in the contest.