Promoting Bullying Prevention

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Throughout the month of October, students at the Junior-Senior High School have been participating in activities to recognize National Bully Prevention Month. These activities include signing the “United We Stand Against Bullying and Drugs” pledge and reflecting upon the “Every Step You Take Initiative,” which students document steps they will take to end bullying. 

In addition, all seventh- and eighth-grade students also engaged in activities in their English class that promoted the prevention of bullying with the school social worker, Ms. Amy Weissman. Students took a quiz called “Test Your Knowledge” to gauge what they know about bullying. Several topics were discussed, including Dignity For All Students Act, different types of bullying, conflict vs. bullying, what to do if students experience bullying, what to say to the person being bullied, how to be an upstander, seeking help from trusted adults and learning the criminal aspects of cyber bullying. Students were encouraged to sign the antibullying pledge banner during their advisory classes and to wear orange on Unity Day, which is Oct. 24.

In preparation for the day, members of the Student Council and National Honors Society placed orange fence cups into the athletic fence that spells #UNITY. The purpose is to create a visual and powerful message that the high school is united against bullying.