Too Good for Drugs Prevention Lessons

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Junior-Senior High School students participated in activities designed to educate youth and encourage participation in substance abuse prevention for Red Ribbon Week.  

The district’s eight-grade students participated in the launch of the Too Good for Drugs Middle School Prevention Program on Oct. 30. Too Good for Drugs is an evidence based prevention curriculum designed to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes they need for positive development and prevent the initiation of alcohol and drug use. 

The program is comprised of ten lessons that focus on developing personal and interpersonal skills to resist internal and external pressure to engage in risky behaviors. The program also includes several alcohol/drug specific lessons that focus on the risks and consequences of commonly abused substances.  

School Social Worker Kristen Mednick kicked off the program with the Too Good for Drugs Lesson on goal setting, where students learned how to define a goal, how to identify and apply the steps for setting and reaching a personal goal, and how to name a personal goal using the goal setting model. As part of the lesson, students also participated in an interactive group activity that allowed them to experience and practice managing the potential obstacles that can get in the way of reaching a goal. Adolescents who know how to set and reach personal goals have a stronger sense of self and make better decisions.