Program Builds Self-Esteem for Girls

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Seventh- and eighth-grade students at the Junior-Senior High School participated in “Beautiful Me,” a program that provides a safe space for females to explore, share and improve their self-esteem through intricate and expertly taught activities.

Facilitated by school social worker Ms. Amy Weissman, this self-esteem program was developed by the Hance Family Foundation and honors the lives of three beautiful sisters: Emma, Allyson and Katie Hance. The program teaches students to understand who they are, appreciate their own skills and qualities, and understand the significance in helping others. 

The students discussed alternate views of beauty, distorted views of beauty from the media and learned how to respect themselves and develop healthy relationships. They also engaged in activities that focused on self-esteem, values, problem-solving and positive motivation. 

In addition, students formed groups and were provided with a compliment box, construction paper and markers and were encouraged to identify and write a meaningful, genuine and honest compliment for each group member. The girls shared their compliments with each other and, at the end of the session, they received a three heart-shaped necklace from Jackie Hance of the Hance Family Foundation.