East Rockaway Students Exercise Their Right to Vote

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Students in East Rockaway’s Enterprise program participated in a mock 2016 presidential debate and election on Nov. 2.

Prior to the class, the fifth- and sixth-graders split into three groups: Clinton supporters, Trump supporters and debate question writers. Students completed research and came up with arguments supporting their candidate or topics and questions to be addressed.  
Topics included health care, immigration, poverty, terrorism, taxes and education. The audience for this debate was comprised of third- and fourth-grade Enterprise students, who read some background information about each candidate, took notes during the debate and had opportunities to ask questions.
All parties shook hands, spoke articulately and demonstrated appropriate manners throughout the event. Immediately following the debate, students cast their votes and placed them in a ballot box. The election resulted in 14 votes for Hillary Clinton, 11 votes in favor of Donald Trump and one vote for Centre Avenue student Julia Walsh.