Teacher Presents at Conference

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East Rockaway HS Music teacher, Marichelle Weill presented a clinic on Inclusivity and Diversity as a member of the Crane School of Music Panel at this year's All-State Music Conference in Rochester. Weill, along with other K-12 Music teachers and esteemed college professors gave their presentation to a jam-packed room on traditions of schools of music, music organizations, and practices of music educators. The panel analyzed the cultural implications of these traditions, and offered alternative ideas and updated philosophies to create a more inclusive and culturally responsive experience for preservice music teachers and K-12 music students.

This is Weill's second presentation on cultural responsiveness this year. She was also asked to be a teaching ambassador at the Crane School of Music, where she will work along side college professors to provide preservice music teachers with relevant curricula and philosophical insight to adapt to 21st Century teaching. When asked about this experience, Weill says she is excited to share her studies and experiences with other music educators in the hopes of encouraging continued analysis, compassion, and growth amongst teachers to adapt to the evolving needs of our students.