High Schoolers Become Certified Peer AIDS Educators

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Junior-Senior High School select 10th grade students attended the Peer AIDS Education and Prevention Training Program at North Shore University Hospital. They were accompanied by Junior-Senior High School social worker Kristen Mednick.

The purpose of the Peer AIDS Training Program is to educate high school students about HIV/AIDS and provide training on how to communicate prevention information to their peers. Approximately 85 high school students from seven different districts participated in the training and attended workshops on HIV/AIDS, STD prevention, cultural issues, sexuality and relationships, other aspects of teen health and good decision-making. 

Once the training was complete, students became Certified Peer AIDS Educators, recognizing them as leaders in the education and prevention of HIV/AIDS. The newly certified East Rockaway 10th grade Peer AIDS Educators will meet with their previously certified counterparts to prepare age-appropriate HIV/AIDS lessons. These lessons will be presented to the district’s fifth and sixth grade students in the spring.