Science Fair at Centre Avenue

Sixth-graders at Centre Avenue demonstrated their knowledge of the scientific method during the school’s annual Sixth-Grade Science Fair on May 5.

According to sixth-grade teacher Diane Rafferty, preparation for the fair began with students coming up with a question that interested them and wanted to research. The children learned about the scientific method, how to write hypotheses and other components of conducting research in their respective classrooms. They also created trifold boards that included information on their research. Experiments were conducted at home and were required to include a control and variable. Students tracked and collected a certain amount of data depending on the project.   

Superintendent of Schools Lisa Ruiz and Centre Avenue Principal Timothy Silk were on hand at the fair, asking students questions about their scientific research. Rafferty said the event helps prepare students for middle school, where they will take part in a science fair at a higher level.

Each students received a science fair T-shirt. They will also visit the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in June.