Builders Club Members Help Out

East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School’s Builders Club volunteered at the East Rockaway Huckleberry Frolic on June 11.

One of the goals for the Huckleberry Frolic’s organizers this year was to make it much more kid friendly, and the amazing Builders Club volunteers helped achieve that goal with a face painting/hair spraying and tattoo booth. The group worked hard to make the Frolic fun for the little ones and was busy all day, as they coordinated beautifully to get all the Frolic patrons painted, sprayed and tattooed! The students took charge early in the morning and organized themselves in such a way that there was a steady stream of traffic at the booth all day, without long wait times.

Members of the Grist Mill committee commended the students for making this year's Huckleberry Frolic such a success!