Ready to Learn


With their pencils sharpened and colorful backpacks stuffed with school supplies, students in East Rockaway arrived at school on Sept. 6, ready for the new academic year.

Students at Centre Avenue were greeted by new Principal Sherry Ma and other faculty before heading to class to meet their teachers. Once students settled into their new classrooms, they unpacked supplies and took part in a host of first-day activities. Kindergartners created portraits of their teachers and  reviewed the days of the week, while sixth-graders practiced ‘turn and talk’ as they reflected on how this school year would be different from last year.

At Rhame Avenue, kindergartners put together puzzles that highlighted the different letters of the alphabet, as first-grade students worked on letter recognition through tracing and other activities including forming letters using colored modeling clay. Second-grade students had an opportunity to create rules for their classroom to ensure it is a respectful and kind learning environment throughout the year.  

All students and teachers enjoyed a wonderful day and were excited for the new school year.