Business Opportunities for East Rockaway Students

Three students at East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School took part in summer leadership programs at Molloy College and Mercy College, thanks to the school’s business department fostering connections with the college institutions.

According to Assistant Principal James DeTommaso, deans from both colleges visited East Rockaway students last June to provide information on their respective college courses. Conor Irvine and James Tierney, both seniors, applied for and attended Mercy College’s Leadership Academy, while Corrinne Habb took part in a boot camp at Molloy College.
Conor said the academy provided lectures on leadership, job hunting and communication. He indicated that communication was a major focus of the program, including how to express oneself in the real world. During his time at Mercy, he visited CIBC Investment Bankers and Sports Illustrated.

After his experiences there, Conor had a strong interest in attending Mercy College. He was recently offered a scholarship and has made the decision to attend next fall.

James described attending the program as ‘the best experience of his life,’ which gave him a greater understanding of the requirements and involvement of college. He indicated that the team at Mercy stressed that a person should step out of their comfort zone to achieve their dreams. He used that motto in his presentation during the course, which earned him the “Best Speech of the Week” award. He is considering Mercy College, along with Ohio State, Michigan and Carnegie Mellon, to further his education in the field of business. He made many connections with students from California, Michigan, Connecticut, upstate New York and Port Washington. James also had an opportunity to visit ESPN and Viacom.  

Meanwhile, Corrinne attended a Business Boot Camp at Molloy College. The camp included seminars, lectures, guest speakers and a “mock” Shark Tank. Corrinne’s team made a computer cord organizer out of a shoebox.  In all, 17 teams of four students competed, with Corrinne’s team winning the skit portion of the seminar. The senior said she gained confidence and valuable insight into her future and realized that marketing and sales is the path she wants to take in college.