Centre Avenue Hosts Visitor’s Day


Parents of Centre Avenue students were given a firsthand look at what their children are learning when the school held Visitor’s Day in honor of American Education Week on Nov. 16.

Throughout the building, parents and family members of students in grades K-6 witnessed engaging classroom lessons, such as skywriting, which took place in first-grade classrooms. The students use this technique to practice trick words from their Fundations phonics program. Trick words are words that cannot be sounded out because some of the letters in the words make the wrong sound, such as “was.” Meanwhile, third- and fourth-grade Enterprise students delivered oral presentations using cereal boxes. The boxes contained information they researched on famous architects and served as learning centers that included a worksheet created by each student to share with their classmates. Other classroom lessons focused on the study of fossils, reading and writing.  

“The purpose of this day is to allow parents and family members to capture a glimpse of their child’s school day,” Principal Sherry Ma said. “As a kickoff to fostering a positive school culture in the building, many teachers shared ‘The Juice Box Bully,’ a book about making positive choices and being an upstander. In the coming months, other character education books will be shared and discussed with all Centre Avenue students.”