Collaborative Coding at Rhame Avenue

Collaborative Coding at Rhame Avenue

Rhame Avenue first-graders in Jessica Beufve’s and Debra Ferrato’s class learned how to code thanks to Jack Bixhorn’s sixth-grade students.

The meeting began with Ferrato going over vocabulary words, asking students to explain what it means to be a computer programmer. They also discussed coding and sequencing. Next, Bixhorn took over the lesson and asked the younger students, “Who is smarter…you or the computer?”  After receiving a multitude of answers, he explained that people are smarter because they tell computers what to do.

With tablets in hand, the sixth-graders led the remainder of the lesson, working with their first-grade buddy to complete Puppy Adventure on the Tynker Coding for Kids website. The older students used the coding knowledge they acquired in their STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts and math) classes to assist the younger students.

“An activity such as this creates a positive school climate,” Bixhorn said. “The one-to-one instruction benefits all the students involved and gives them an opportunity to problem-solve and collaborate by learning from each other.”

Bixhorn also spoke of the value of getting the tablets into the hands of the first-graders and the district’s belief in providing STEAM opportunities for all students.