Rhame Students Focus on Facts on St. Patrick’s Day

 Focus on Facts Photo
On Saint Patrick's Day Mrs. Erin Kennedy's and Mrs. Kristen Donovan's classes combined to search for facts rather than leprechauns. 

With Mr. Michael Romero of the Herald Community Newspapers leading the way, the students journeyed through the company’s printing factory. They learned that only four colors were used to print all of the colors of the rainbow and found metal plates instead of gold, which are used to stamp the news on to paper. The biggest thrill was when they came to the paper rolls. Each one was short and heavy. Stacked up, they looked like a forest. 

Students then met with an editor, who told them the most important part of making newspapers is that they must print the facts, not fiction. The students’ tour of the Herald's newspaper printing press and newsroom was an informative adventure.