East Rockaway Celebrates 81st Annual Rock Rivalry

Rock Rivalry Photo

Tap dancing, singing, outstanding choreography and original song lyrics written by participants wowed audience members when East Rockaway students took the stage for the 81st annual Rock Rivalry.

The evening began with the outstanding freshmen entrance “Money Can’t Buy Me Love.” Set in a 1920s’ retail store, a romance develops between the storeowner and an undercover police officer acting as a gang member. The sophomores followed with “Mansion Mayhem,” the story of an aging famous movie star who holds a contest to determine who should receive her mansion after she dies. The story takes an unusual twist when the actress learns her granddaughter is one of the contestants. Up next, was the junior class’ “Mission to Save Tradition,” which took place in the fictional Dutch town of Gluttenspheu. The mayor’s daughter and a developer’s son form a friendship that ultimately prevents the building of a nuclear power plant and saves the town’s windmill and tulip industry from destruction. The senior class’ “Drastic Times Call for Mask-tic Measures” closed out the show, with colorful costumes and beautiful dance performances. Set in Rio De Janiero, a dance group prepares for the carnival parade competition as they try to avoid interference from “Fantasma,” a Phantom of the Opera-type character. 

Students earned points for various components of their entrances and sportsmanship. In addition to competing in a quiz bowl, sports night, and boys and girls volleyball games, they also created murals and stands as part of the interdisciplinary competition. The seniors were victorious, earning the coveted silver cup. Congratulations!