Centre Students Study Tropical Rain Forests

Centre Students Study Tropical Rain Forests Photo

Third-grade students at Centre Avenue learned about tropical rain forests when Heidi Foster, an educator from the Long Island Center for Arts and Sciences, visited their school.

During the meeting, which was provided thanks to the school’s PTA Curriculum Enhancement Fund, students shared what they knew about the climate of tropical rain forests. They also learned about the different animals that live in the Amazon Rain Forest, including red eye tree frogs, clearwing butterflies and flying fox bats. Students were educated about different types of flowers, birds and the parasites and fungus that grow inside two-toed sloths. They also learned about the impact of people on the rainforests existence. The lesson concluded with students creating a blue morpho butterfly using paper, crayons and pipe cleaners.

Third-grade teacher Jeannine Patane said the program supported the students’ study of Brazil and different types of ecosystems.