Rhame Students Create Memories With Special Guests

Rhame Students Create Memories With Special Guests Pic 1

Rhame Avenue students recently shared what they are learning at school with special guests during Special Visitors week.

During the weeklong event, students in grade 6 presented their Scientific Research Projects at the school’s second annual Science Fair. Each student prepared a tri-fold display board that included a guiding question, hypothesis, procedure, data and conclusion. They also integrated technology by using their 1:1 devices to research their topic, created 3-D graphs and showcased videos of themselves working through the entire scientific process. The audience interacted with the students as they presented their findings and explained their thinking in an engaging and articulate fashion.

Students in grades K-4 put on shows that were directly connected to the curriculum. Kindergarten students sang songs about Earth Day and created a living museum of artifacts made from recycled materials, while first-graders put on a play about the birth of our country. Second-graders recited fun facts about animal habitats along with creative poems, and showcased informational brochures for the audience to read alongside their beautifully created trioramas, and third-graders educated the audience about narrative writing by performing a number of skits about various myths, fables, folktales and fairytales.

Fourth-graders dressed up as Loyalists and Patriots as part of a play about the American Revolution that incorporated songs about the Preamble to the United States Constitution, and fifth-graders took part in Entrepreneurs Day, where they presented inventions and products to parents and staff in hopes of making a sale. Monopoly money and a make-believe ATM were available to the adults making “purchases.” The students had to promote their products, negotiate prices and distribute business cards. They also used their 1:1 tablets to create an innovative approach to showcase their designs and even incorporated “QR Codes” that guests were able to scan with their smartphones to access the websites that each entrepreneur created.

The week was filled with excitement and team spirit, as teachers, students, parents and visitors were able to create some amazing memories together.