East Rockaway Students Honored for Grandparent Essays

East Rockaway Students Honored for Grandparent Essays Photo

Centre and Rhame Avenue students were honored for essays they wrote during an award ceremony at Lynbrook Restorative Therapy & Nursing. The children participated in an essay contest, which tasked them with writing about "Something My Grandparent(s) Taught Me."

Congratulations to Centre Avenue fifth-graders Sarah O'Moore and Sophia Alfieri and Rhame Avenue third-grader Lianna Baez, fourth-grader Max Dengel and fifth-grader Hailey Velasquez. Winners were also selected from Lynbrook Public Schools and St. Raymond's School.

Each student with a winning essay read their work to attendees. They were also treated to desserts and a candy bar, a tote bag full of presents, a trophy and three fantastic raffle prizes, which gave them an opportunity to win an X-Box system, tickets to Splish Splash and an iPad. Sarah O'Moore won the iPad!

It was a lovely event to share what older generations have shared and passed down to this generation of students.