East Rockaway Students Dissect Fetal Pigs

East Rockaway Students Dissect Fetal Pigs Photo

East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School students in Alexandra Mendyk’s AP Biology class recently spent a week dissecting fetal pigs.

Initially, students observed the exterior of the pigs to determine their sex. Then, working together in groups, they identified and examined different internal parts of the fetal pigs and had an opportunity to dissect a variety of organs. According to Mendyk, the dissection tied into what the students learned throughout the school year, including what goes on in the body, different body systems and how life is sustained.

“They don’t really know what organs will look like until they see real ones,” Mendyk said.    

It was evident throughout the class lessons that students were eager to take part in the dissection. Mendyk indicated that students were enthusiastic because many plan to study science in college.