Red Nose Day at East Rockaway

Red Nose Day at East Rockaway Photo
Red Nose Day at East Rockaway Photo 2

Students, faculty and administrators around the district participated in Red Nose Day on May 25 to raise awareness and fundraise for organizations that help combat child poverty.

In the days leading up to Red Nose Day, students in various clubs in all three of the district’s schools held fundraisers to raise money/purchase a red nose. The event, organized by the district’s social workers under the direction of Pupil Personnel Services Director Laura Guggino-Hastings, benefited the non-profit organization Comic Relief Inc.

In addition to raising nearly $700, students took part in many educational activities. At the high school, students in Advisory watched a video about access to health services, discussed empathy and the definition of poverty, learned about Maslow's Hierarchy of needs and were educated on statistics related to food, medical supplies, access to clean water and education in developing countries. Meanwhile, students at the elementary level took part in discussions about treating others with dignity and respect.