Rhame Students Camp Out with a Good Book

Rhame Students Camp Out with a Good Book Photo

Rhame Avenue students headed outside with books, blankets and teachers to participate in the school’s Pick a Reading Partner event on June 2.

The “Camp Out with a Good Book” activity was a culminating event to the school’s monthlong PARP celebration. Once the classes were outside, some students were read to by their teachers, while others broke into groups and read with their buddies.   

Throughout the month of May, the students took part in many activities, including Flashback Friday, where they read with their prior year’s teachers and Poem in a Pocket Day, when students brought in a poem to share with their classmates. They also enjoyed an author visit with Alan Katz and Flashlight Friday, where they cozied up to read with flashlights. 

The PTA PARP program focuses on encouraging parents/guardians to read at home with their children for at least 15 minutes per day.