Mad Science at Rhame Avenue

Mad Science at Rhame Avenue Photo

Rhame Avenue fifth-graders learned about rocks and the properties of minerals when Xenon Zach, a representative from Mad Science visited their school.

During the Earthworks workshop, students discussed the rock cycle and the differences between sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks. They also got an up-close look at rocks and used blue lights to see its fluorescent minerals. Other topics covered included learning about the forces that create earthquakes, volcanoes, magma and plate tectonics. The students had an opportunity to create a sedimentary stacker with rocks, sand and water, and were excited to be able to take it home.

Fifth-grade teacher Lori DeVarso said the lesson tied into the students’ study of rocks and formation. She also extended her gratitude to the PTA for providing the workshop as part of its Curriculum Enhancement Fund.