A New School Year Begins in East Rockaway

A New School Year Begins in East Rockaway Photo

With new backpacks, books and other school supplies in tow, students returned to school on Sept. 5 for what promises to be an exciting new year.

Throughout the district, educators welcomed students and provided assistance as they located their new classrooms. Once the children found their classes they took part in a variety of activities, including team building exercises, reading, computer lab fun and learning the rules of their respective classrooms.

At Centre Avenue School, kindergartners in Linda Grace’s class had their first-day photo taken as a keepsake for the new year. The students also learned their new classmates’ names, read and got acclimated to their new surroundings. Meanwhile, sixth-graders in Kelly Dowling’s and Dr. Christian Soto’s classes filled out “About Me” surveys to help their teachers and classmates learn more about them, and fourth-graders in Kellie Higgins’ class were excited to learn how to earn free homework passes.

At Rhame Avenue, third-grade students in Heidi Kreit’s class took part in a science lesson to “save Fred.” The students broke into groups and had to work together to complete the assignment. Children throughout the building could be seen organizing their school supplies with assistance from teachers, singing songs, dancing and having a whole lot of fun.  

All students and teachers enjoyed a wonderful day and are looking forward to the new school year.