Board Grants Tenure and Honors Students

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A tenure recipient, student-athletes and artists were celebrated at the Board of Education meeting on March 20. 

The evening began with Rhame Avenue School psychologist Dr. Alissa Nunes being recommended for tenure. Rhame Avenue Principal Erik Walter spoke on Dr. Nunes’ behalf. 

“I’d like to paint a picture of how amazing Dr. Alissa Nunes has been in her role as a school psychologist over the last four years,” Mr. Walter said. “Dr. Nunes has played an instrumental role in helping our school function as a place where all students feel safe, comfortable, supported and positive about themselves.”

Members of the girls varsity basketball were celebrated for being recognized as scholar-athletes. Athletic Director David Barth commended the girls, as well as the coaching staff, for their outstanding accomplishments both on and off the court.      

The team not only won the 2018 Class C Long Island championship, they earned the distinction of New York State Scholar-Athletes. To receive this honor, the team’s average grade point average of 75 percent of the roster had to be greater than 90 percent. Coach Karin Leary explained that all nine girls on the team’s roster had earned greater than a 90 percent GPA.  

Additional honors were presented to 13 East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School student-artists who won a total of 26 awards across seven categories at the 2018 Northeast Regional Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. The Northeast regional competition is administered by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers’ national office in New York City.