Engaging Workshop Uncovers History

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High school students in Mr. Nicholas Taylor’s and Ms. Valerie Parasmo's 10th grade Global Studies classes were pleasantly surprised during an Age of Exploration workshop, where they were greeted with a pineapple at their desks. 

Using their Dell Laptops, students were taken back in time on a mission to uncover the historical mysteries of the pineapple’s global exploration. While researching the original global trade routes of the world between 1450-1750, students discovered that the pineapple was considered an extraordinary luxury item that only grew in one part of the world, which required merchants to have a seamless voyage from Polynesian Islands to Europe in order to deliver an edible fruit. Students engaged in a price-is-right themed activity to guess the value of the pineapple during that time period. 

Mr. Taylor said the purpose of the lesson is to allow students to make a real world connection to historical events.