Library Media Specialist Crystal Valentin, Middle School English teachers Jennifer Isik and Briar Falvo, and ENL teacher Caitlin Castellano collaborated on a summer reading event for all seventh grade students. In a culminating activity for the school year and to introduce the required summer reading assignment, a Book Tasting event in the newly transformed East Rockaway Jr./Sr. High School library was held. Students experienced a cafe experience, with music playing in the background, a menu of items to complete and a four-course book feast!

Tablecloths and a sign in the center of each table with the genres of Realistic Fiction, Biographies, Graphic Novels, Mystery, Fantasy, and Book Series were displayed. Students rotated after 7-minute intervals to experience a new genre and selection of books in at least four courses (Beverage, Appetizer, Entree, Dessert). After 5 minutes of silent reading, students recorded their thoughts/reactions, recommendations, and rating level. Students also eagerly shared their initial predictions and inferences with one another in their groups. They all left with a bookmark listing their top 3 choices for summer reading. Students were instructed on how to make an online book request from their local library to locate their book of choice. Seventh grade is ready for summer reading! Are you?

Click here for videos from the event: