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Five Year Strategic Plan


Goal: Provide an Outstanding Educational Program.


Desired Outcome: The East Rockaway School District will increase achievement of all students by creating engaging learning environments that successfully balance curriculum, expectations and pedagogy.


  • Develop vertically and horizontally aligned K-12 curricula and rigorous academic programs in all content areas that challenge students and prepare them for college and careers.
  • Identify and use multiple measures/assessments of student learning, K-12.
  • Develop active citizens and responsive leaders among faculty and students who can think critically and work collaboratively to achieve effective solutions.
  • Provide ongoing opportunities for professional growth for all faculty to ensure high-quality teaching and learning for our students.
  • Develop a cyclical process to evaluate curricular areas and programs.


 Year-One Measuring Success – Achievement

   September 2016
  • District wide Writing Committee – Framework for Writing Instruction developed across all grades for 11/8 launch
  • Research Paper initiative implemented grades 7-12
  • Redesigned Business Skills for the 21st Century Course
  • Implementation of AVID 7th grade College and Career Skills CourseAdvancement Via Individual Determination
  • Teacher Professional Development
    • Thinking Maps
    • Elementary Literacy Models Co-teaching models and instructional strategies for SWD & ENL
    • One-to-One Technology instructional strategies
  • 32% Students Designated Honors by Achievement (up 4%)
  • Redesign of Skills and Achievement Program to incorporate enhanced vocational training component and selection of PAES Lab (Practical Assessment Exploration System)
  • Enhancement of HS Science Research Program
  • 40 % Reduction in Jr. Sr. High School suspensions
    • Decrease tied to social emotional learning/advisory/improved school climate
  • Addition of Elementary Math Specialist to develop tiered model of intervention in math to align with reading model.