The 6th graders came up and joined the 7th & 8th grade for the annual Middle School Social Studies Challenge. 6 students represented each grade in the 4 rounds of various social studies questions. Questions geared toward their particular curricula, famous 2nds in history, currents events & world leaders all hi-lighted the vast array of knowledge the young people needed as they answered a lot more questions then they got wrong. The 250+ students in the audience had their own competition with cheering, clapping & signs they made in support of their class. They also were interactive with answering questions & had fun at the end of the competition answering famous historical & geographical nicknames. At the end of the hour long competition, the 7th graders came out on top with a close win over the 8th & 6th grade. Ms. Kenny, 7th grade SS teacher, will have possession of the "Golden Political Sphere", which is the winner's trophy, until next years competition. A big thanks to Mr. Gibbons and the Social Studies staff that made this another unique, fun, & educational day!!

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