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Board Members and Students Honored

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Members of the Board of Education and Junior-Senior High School’s high-achieving students were honored at the Board of Education meeting. To start the night, ENL Junior-Senior High School students Margiory Nicho, Nicole Mena Rivas and Kayla DeLaCruz led the auditorium in the Pledge of Allegiance in both Spanish and English.

The Centre school staff then presented members of the board with T-shirts that displayed notes from students expressing their appreciation for all the hard work they do. The board also witnessed an appreciation video that was crafted by Centre Avenue News students, who voiced the accomplishments the board has carried out within district.

This follows the New York State School Boards Association’s School Board Recognition Week that runs from Oct. 22-26, which allows school board members to be recognized for their volunteer service, commitment and contributions to their schools and community.

“Local school board members are strong advocates for public education and are responsible for ensuring that our children receive the best high-quality education possible by working closely with parents, education professionals and community members to create the educational vision we hold for our students,” said Superintendent of Schools Lisa Ruiz. “On behalf of the faculty and staff of the East Rockaway School District, I would like to express our sincere appreciation for our board of education trustees for the significant time and unwavering dedication they give to their positions. I’m honored to be working with this fine and dedicated group of individuals going into my sixth year.”

Junior-Senior High School Principal Richard Schaffer presented all Advance Placement Scholars and SuperMaster students with certificates, where 26 students and a parent were in attendance to receive the honor. SuperMaster students are those who scared 95 or higher on one or more Regents exam, while Advance Placement Scholars are students who were recognized for their successful performance on the 2018 AP exams.