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Demonstrating Value, Respect and Acceptance

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Centre and Rhame Avenue’s kindergarten through sixth-grade students took action during National No One Eats Alone Day by ensuring that every student had a buddy during lunch time. 

This was part of the schools Great Kindness Challenge, where students and staff spent the week celebrating and participating in acts of kindness, compassion and empathy in their school, home and community. The spirit week included Motivational Monday, Take time Tuesday, Wow em Wednesday, Thoughtful Thursday and Friend Friday, which wrapped up the week by honoring National No One Eats Alone Day.

Throughout the day, students were encouraged to sit with students they didn’t know, and spot others sitting alone and include them. With that, students made speeches about the significance of embracing others. Through their actions, they demonstrated an important message that everyone should feel included, valued, respected and accepted by their peers. Both schools also provided stickers and wristbands to students that said “Inspiring Youth to End Social Isolation.”  

Additionally, students demonstrated their dedication to the mission even further, with Centre students signing a banner that said, “I pledge to include someone every day,” and Rhame students writing down their own pledges on paper hearts.

Students were encouraged to continue to carry the message of the day so that all students are included during lunch every single day.