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Students Join Together to Spread Kindness

Students Join Together to Spread Kindness photo thumbnail180185
Rhame Avenue school sixth graders in Mrs. Rachele Banducci's, Ms. Kassie Tillem-Spero’s and Mrs. Maureen Sheerin's classes have been participating in a kindness activity happening in Connecticut.

Rhame students have joined other students from across the country and are working hard to show how quickly kindness spreads. By doing this, they are writing about a situation when they were kind to others or have witnessed someone else being kind. They wrote these blurbs on colorful paper hearts and then sent them to Veterans Park Elementary School in Connecticut.

The school then displays the hearts on a "kindness tree." The tree expands down each hallway and throughout the school building. Veterans Park students can read about acts of kindness taking place throughout the country while walking to class each day.