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East Rockaway Celebrates Student Accomplishments

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Not only was the East Rockaway Board of Education honored during the monthly meeting on Oct. 25, but many of East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School’s brightest were recognized as well.
The board honored Super Masters, students who scored 95 or higher on one or more regents exam. In addition, they praised Advanced Placements Scholars, who were recognized for their successful performance on the May 2016 AP exams.
“As we know, these tests have become more difficult,” Assistant Principal James DeTommaso said. “For that, these students deserve to be recognized for their exceptional work.”
As for the board of education, they were honored with a video tribute from music students, thanking them for their efforts on behalf of the district. They were also presented with gifts from art and photography students and staff as tokens of appreciation for all they contribute to the district and local community.

“We want to thank everyone for your kind words and for the generous gifts you’ve presented to us,” Board President Patricia Nicoletti said. “I think the true gift is to see how well our students are doing. That’s what this is all about.”