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443 Ocean Avenue, East Rockaway, NY 11518
Phone: (516) 887-8300



Mr. Richard Schaffer 
Mrs. Doreen Johnson (ext. 423)
 Mr. Bradley Krauz 
Assistant Principal (Grades 10-12)
Chairperson, Science
Mrs. Marypat Hickey (ext. 437)
Ms. TJ  Terranova 
Assistant Principal (Grades 7-9)
Chairperson, LOTE & ENL
Mrs. Fran Hernandez (ext. 471)
Ms. Janna Bonacorsi
Director of Guidance
Ms. Theresa Daube (ext. 452)
Mr. David Barth 
Director of Athletics
Mrs. Arianne Millar (ext. 472)
Mr. Vincent Healy (ext. 438)
Assistant Director, Pupil Personnel Services
Chairperson, Special Education
Mr. Russel Pajer (ext. 458) 
Dean of Students 



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East Rockaway High School continues its tradition of recognizing Students of the Month for excellence in the following categories: overall academic achievement; improvement in attendance, behavior, or academics; and overall effort. Congratulations to all of this month's winners! 

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Seniors and Families of Seniors: Please reach out to Ms. Kinkaid or Ms. Falvo if you have any questions!

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Current News

Students Study Cardiac Anatomy

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Junior-Senior High School students in Anatomy and Physiology class had a first-hand experience dissecting pig hearts. Led by Mr. Louis Duet, the purpose of the activity was to visualize the common cardiac anatomy shared between mammals.

High Schoolers Become Certified Peer AIDS Educators

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Junior-Senior High School select 10th grade students attended the Peer AIDS Education and Prevention Training Program at North Shore University Hospital. They were accompanied by Junior-Senior High School social worker Kristen Mednick.

The purpose of the Peer AIDS Training Program is to educate high school students about HIV/AIDS and provide training on how to communicate prevention information to their peers. Approximately 85 high school students from seven different districts participated in the training and attended workshops on HIV/AIDS, STD prevention, cultural issues, sexuality and relationships, other aspects of teen health and good decision-making. 

Once the training was complete, students became Certified Peer AIDS Educators, recognizing them as leaders in the education and prevention of HIV/AIDS. The newly certified East Rockaway 10th grade Peer AIDS Educators will meet with their previously certified counterparts to prepare age-appropriate HIV/AIDS lessons. These lessons will be presented to the district’s fifth and sixth grade students in the spring.

Mathematics Meets Real-World Scenarios

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Junior-Senior High School students in Ms. Terrio’s college math class turned real-world scenarios into mathematical models. For the lesson, they collected their own data to answer a question on a tangible topic that’s both interesting and engages them in math, “What is the relationship between height and arm span?” They graphed their models and were able to make conclusions about the relationship between the two variables. 

Practicing Vocabulary Through Giant Word Web

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Students in Ms. Dawn O’Shea and Ms. Melinda Best’s 11th grade ELA class at the Junior-Senior High School practiced the application of vocabulary words with a giant word web.  

For the activity, they placed new vocabulary words on the web and were tasked to connect them to other words. Students accomplished this by using sentences that incorporated ideas, plot, characters, settings, etc., from “The Catcher in the Rye.”

Expressing Appreciation in Target Language

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Junior-Senior High School students in Spanish 1A class wrote what they are thankful for in the target language.