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443 Ocean Avenue, East Rockaway, NY 11518
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Mr. Richard Schaffer mail icon
Mrs. Doreen Johnson (ext. 423)
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Assistant Principal (Grades 10-12)
Chairperson, Science
Mrs. Jen McKeon (ext. 437)
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Assistant Principal (Grades 7-9)
Chairperson, LOTE & ENL
Mrs. Doris Muscat (ext. 471)
Mr. Andrew Rosenberg mail icon
Director of Guidance
Ms. Theresa Daube (ext. 452)

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Director of Athletics
Mrs. Arianne Millar (ext. 472)
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Dean of Students




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East Rockaway High School continues its tradition of recognizing Students of the Month for excellence in the following categories: overall academic achievement; improvement in attendance, behavior, or academics; and overall effort. Congratulations to all of this month's winners!

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Seniors and Families of Seniors: Please reach out to Ms. Kinkaid or Ms. Falvo if you have any questions!

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Students Get Active in Physics

AP Physics 1 students participated in a cooperative learning activity where they had to teach a Part II problem to the rest of the class. While students were not presenting, they followed along and asked questions about the problem.

In addition, AP Physics 1 students also used photogate timers to calculate the acceleration for a dynamics cart moving down a dynamics track. Students were given no instructions other than their task and had to work together to plan and execute their own experiment.

Meanwhile in Regents Physics, students dropped different objects from different heights to calculate and determine the acceleration due to gravity near the surface of the Earth. Students calculated the percent error between their value and the accepted value of 9.81 m/s2. Students also made the conclusion that mass does not influence the flight time for a projectile.

Staff Wears Orange for Unity Day

Staff Wears Orange for Unity Day photo
The staff at East Rockaway Junior-Senior High School wore orange on Unity Day to make a powerful and unified statement that we all stand united against bullying, and support messages of kindness, acceptance and inclusion.

Every Step You Take

Every Step You Take
Every Move You Make
Every Bond You Break
Junior-Senior High School 7-12 grade students worked on an activity called “Every Step You Take” for National Bullying Prevention Month. Students received orange footprints and were provided an opportunity to reflect on the steps they can take to create a world without bullying. Some examples included, "Tell an Adult,” “Comfort the Person Being Bullied,” “Be Kind,” “Be Empathetic,” and etc. These footprints are displayed on the walls around the building. This activity is designed to help students recognize that every step they take individually helps unite all students along the path for kindness, acceptance and inclusion.

Creating Review Sheets in Spanish 2

Junior-Senior High School ninth-grade students worked diligently in student led groups of their Spanish 2 class to create a review sheet or mock questions for their unit exam.

Reading Round Table

Reading Round Table photo
Reading Round Table photo 2
Reading Round Table photo 3
Junior-Senior High School students of Ms. Castellano’s and Ms. Falvo's seventh-grade ELA class participated in a reading round table activity. Students worked in cooperative learning groups to analyze vignettes from Sandra Cisneros' “The House on Mango Street.” Every student was given a specific role for this reading activity, which helped each student process and ultimately discuss the same content from various perspectives.

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