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Human Number Line

Human Number Line photo
Rhame Avenue third-graders in Mrs. Beyrer and Mrs. Beufve's class were a human number line under the tutelage of math specialist Mr. Bixhorn. For the lesson, students estimated where whole numbers would be placed on the number line and then were able to successfully transition to fractions. Volunteers were invited to jump by fraction intervals along the number line as the class counted along.  

Kindness Kick-Off

As part of “Kindness Week” at Rhame Avenue, Omega-Man visited students and taught them how to “Be a Dream-Maker” and not a “Dream Breaker.” As part of this engaging, superhero themed assembly, Omega-Man taught the children many different ways to stand up for what they believe in while making sure to always remain positive and show respect for others. A special thanks to the East Rockaway Education Foundation for their generous grant that brought this amazing program to our school.