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Child I.D. Program Comes to Elementary Schools

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The district recently hosted a Child I.D. program at both Rhame Avenue and Centre Avenue elementary schools. This child safety program allows families to provide accurate child identification information to law enforcement in the event of an emergency. The program is free and sponsored by the office of Assemblywoman Melissa “Missy” Miller and the New York Life Insurance Company.

More than 50 I.D. cards were issued to families at Rhame and 62 I.D. cards were provided to Centre families.

In both school buildings, parents and guardians were sent an informational flyer and application to fill out for each participating child. Photo identification cards were then produced for each applicant through the EZ Child I.D. System, which included digital fingerprinting. 

At the event, families received a laminated identification card containing their child’s current photo, fingerprints, contact information, medical/health concerns if applicable and any pertinent details that could be helpful to police or other law enforcement agencies in case of an emergency.

The district is proud to have rolled out this valuable program to its elementary school families.